Saturday, June 12, 2010

Meet the Riders

Some of them are veterans, some of them are new but one thing is certain: they are all fast, and proud to be part of the 2010 ViaSat RAAM Team.

Larry Bice

Also known as The Godfather of Team ViaSat, Larry seems to enjoy pain. A competitor in both 2006 and 2009, this is his third year racing. This year, however, he is bringing something along that he's never had on the course before: his son Austin will be driving the car.

Kevin Hunter
Kevin is always looking for a new adventure, and it seems the more challenging it is the more fun Kevin has. He has run/hiked the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim in a single day and he plans to do a Badwater to Mt. Whitney summit ride/hike in August. This is his second time competing in the Race Across America and he hopes to improve on his 2008 time.

Andrew Danly
Andrew has been riding bikes ever since his dad refused to drive him to college. He is inspired by "free raffle tickets, face painting, Olympic Speed Walking and people that belt out Eye of the Tiger while accomplishing mundane tasks." He was told he would get free raffle tickets if he rode his bike across the country as fast as he could.

Jeremy Gustin
Jeremy often uses his commute from home in Point Loma to work in Sorrento Valley for training. Don't bother trying to keep up, he flies out of sight before you even realize he passed you.

John Tyner
A cyclist for the past six years, this is John's fifth year involved in RAAM as either a racer or a crew member. Why is he doing it again? He "did not have the will power to say no". He is uninspired by questions about what inspires him, but it's possible his wife and 7-month old son help fuel his motivation.

Brad Exmeyer
Brad insists he is the smallest guy on the team despite Andrew's affectionate description likening him to a gorilla. Brad has been cycling for eight years and joined Team ViaSat this year because riding across America (with seven other sweaty, sleep deprived cyclists) "sounds like fun."

Tobias Panek
Tobias figured out how to get paid for riding his bike when he co-founded Granfondo Cycling Tours. When he is not racing across America, he is taking other cyclists on rides around the globe.

Ryan Denner
Ryan started out as a mountain biker but realized he could go faster on skinny tires, so he took up cycling. Rarely seen without his bikes (Peanut and Butter), Ryan has been known to turn grocery store trips into sprint training sessions. He joined Team ViaSat this year because he wanted to be part of the "fastest team in ViaSat history."

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  1. OK, these guys are awesome, fast and a little crazy. Perfect combo.


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